Plaster Stop Casing Beads for Cement Construction of Window Framing and Ceiling Finishes

Plaster casing beads are plaster accessories made popularly of expanded metal and perforated metal materials. Galvanized zinc plated treated steel stop bead is most economic and popular type in practical uses. It provides clean and neat edges to two sides plaster work at openings, abutments onto other wall surfaces, abutments of wall surfaces on to door and window frame edges and ceiling finishes. Plaster casing beads or stop beads can be used in deeply knurled mud plaster for perfect mud adhesion. Can be easy installed using standard industry practice with drywall nails, staples, screws or clinching tools.

Plaster Stop Beads made of Hot Dip Galvanized Iron material have a nominal thickness 0.35mm with zinc coating of 120gms/square meters. The product is available in standard lengths form but with varying depths as per the plastering depth requirements.

Flange width for plaster bead is 1-1/4". 1-1/4" drywall plaster corner bead is available in 7', 8', 10' and 12' length.
Plaster beads types:

Plaster Wall Protection Corner Bead
Round Hole Plaster Wall Protection Corner Bead
Plastering Angle Bead With Mesh

The product could be used in all types of building construction starting from an individual dwelling to any kind of multistoried structure and for all types of cement plastering works.

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